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3 ways to lace your LILA top

One of our babes is the Lila top. With this versatile piece you can dare in the strings and get different looks from the simplest to the most creative. We separated three different strings for you to use with the Lila, come see!

    Simple and cute 

    The classic Lila top tie, a bow in the front and voilà, charming and super cute.

    Discreet and comfy

    A super easy and quick option for those who want a comfy but different look. Try on this string and tell us what you think.

    Modern & Cool

    For those looking for a bolder and more authentic look, tying the Lila top with the bottom is a great idea. The result looks very cool and fun.

    As you can see the Lila top is versatile and gives a bunch of different options for the creative minds. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your own Lila, choose yours in




    3 ways to lace your LILA top