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Caring for my Nakeds

Your Naked was handcrafted with great care, so proper care is essential. That's why we've separated the best tips for you to maintain the durability and quality of your bikini for longer.

  1. Brightly colored fabrics are made with special dyeing and may bleed when wet. In the first uses, do not leave wet parts in contact with light clothes;

  2. Citrus colored fabrics are less resistant to sunlight, and the garment's color may change over time;

  3. Light colored fabrics tend to be more transparent and stain more easily, so avoid contact with any body product;

  4. Hand wash the pieces separately by color, with a neutral bar soap, without alkaline agents;

  5. Do not wash with lukewarm water and do not let it dry in the bathroom shower or indoors;

  6. Rinse in cold water right after use and dry in the shade, with the piece without wrinkles, right after washing;

  7. Do not let the garment soak and do not store the wet garment;

  8. Avoid prolonged use in chlorinated pools, if this occurs, take a shower with cold, clean water to avoid wear of the parts;

  9.  Suntan lotions, sunscreens and chemical agents can cause stains.

With these simple tips your Naked will last much longer with the same quality. Write down the tips and let 's get Naked!


Caring for my Nakeds