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Being trendy has never been so easy: 5 mooring ideas to try on your beachwear this summer

With the summer arrival, nothing better than rock the ideal choice of beachwear for the best time of year. Enjoying the sun, the sea and the beach with different moorings is the bet of the moment. Not to mention that wearing the bikini in different ways allows us to reinvent it several times, thus being able to enjoy that piece that has been stored for a while. Let’s get into the ideas we separated for you!

1. A simple way of tying your bikini is to loop the rope a few times to upgrade your beachwear. This option is perfect for the babes who like practicality and want to make their bikini more fashionable.

Bikini Pink Neon Black Mooring Hat Naked Swimwear

Products: Mia TopMegan Bottom /  Maya Top + Sirena Bottom 


2. Our Lila Top is super versatile and allows different types of mooring from the simplest to the most creative. We separated some babes who wore the Lila in different ways, take a look!

Bikini Green White Leopard Blue Lavender Mooring Naked SwimwearProducts: Lila Top Loren Bottom  /  Lila Top Katy Bottom / Lila Top  + Amber Bottom (color sold out) /  Lila Top (color sold out)


3. It's not a mooring but it gives the same idea. The body chains give a special touch to the look making it more sophisticated and authentic.

Bikini Black Red Chains Mooring Naked SwimwearProducts:  Bardot Top Gaia Bottom  /  Katy Top + Loren Bottom (color sold out)


4. This is a good idea for those bikinis with big straps and with the string left over. At these times, abusing creativity is the best option for a fashionable look.

Bikini Aqua White Ruby Pink Mooring Naked SwimwearProducts:  Lila Top Katy Bottom  /  Katy Top + Katy Bottom / Katy Top + Katy Bottom (color sold out) /   Helo TopKaty bottom


5. For those who don't want to draw too much attention, a tie above the navel already elevates the look and makes the piece stored able to be used again.

Bikini Brown Caramel Almond Mooring Naked SwimwearProducts:   Katy Top Katy Bottom /  Katy Top + Katy Bottom (color sold out). 


Did you like the ideas? Tell us what your favorite mooring was!


Being trendy has never been so easy: 5 mooring ideas to try on your be