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WILD COLLECTION | One of each, please! Discover the new Naked collection to call your own

A collection that brings new colors and textures that decorate our classic and versatile models. Discover the new Naked pieces and choose yours!


The animal print has never been the same! For those who love a print, the Zebra comes with everything to enhance your curves. An authentic and sophisticated print. Just can't go wrong


There are people who say they don't like orange at all, but we are here to prove that this color can be used in different ways and compose amazing looks! Just take a look:


The Taupe is an almost nude brown that has a unique glow. Taupe is perfect for the most discreet, but looking for a unique and elegant piece.


Tell me if this shade of blue isn't wonderful? Classic, timeless and Naked! Use as much as you want of this color.

Black Satin

We love a little black set! The color is ideal for those who want to abuse the shapes and strings. Do you already know which model is your favorite?


One more option for those who like neutral and basic colors but still with a touch of sophistication. Pearl is a classic!



Hey, baby! Have you already chosen your favorite piece from the Wild Collection? Find more options on our website and place your order. 


WILD COLLECTION | One of each, please! Discover the new Naked collecti